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“Thank you for the   opportunity to work   with you. I admire   your candour and   authority, you are a   great role model…”

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Our passion is to enable individuals to overcome blocks and barriers to success, to overcome doubts and find confidence.  

One to one interventions allow for powerful personal insights and choices to change.

Developing a leadership style that works requires high levels of self knowledge which is not always easy to do without support.

With over 18 years experience we know how to get the best from individuals whatever their goals.

With the best will in the world even the most senior execs can find themselves too close to their business to achieve world class clarity.

Our coaching and facilitation can bring that clarity and enable the kind of strategic understanding modern business requires  

Performance Coaching

Whether new to managing or at the top of their career managers and leaders sometimes need help to develop greater awareness and powerful new strategies. Our coaching generates insights and understanding which can drive new choices and behaviours…

Executive Coaching Programmes

Programmes can be short and highly focused or continuous with a more strategic brief.

Case study

Normally between 4 and 10 weeks apart each session is typically of 2-3 hours duration .

Minimum of 3 sessions usually with an initial telephone or Skype ‘chemistry’ interview.  


Coaching Case Study

Do more with less…

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