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Online Coaching

High impact coaching for leaders and team members

Achieving Goals

Face to face support to generate sustainable change

Developing new strategies

Managing a transition

Achieving full potential

Improving personal impact

Career progression

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A 2hr impact session is a fast, effective intervention to support the individual with a specific issue, problem or change that they face.

There are many areas that an impact Coaching session can address and they all result in an action plan to enable the individual to  integrate the changes they want to see into their work role.

The process:

Impact Session

2hr Stand alone coaching session



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Coaching is most effective as a programme over a set timeframe. Coaching meetings at 4-6 week intervals allows for detailed work on approach, attitude and behavioural change, action planning and evaluation.

Each session includes reflection on the period between meetings to assess actual change achieved and successes and failures experienced.

This allows for change to be developed and integrated into the individual’s work patterns and situation.

Powerful change and improvements can be generated during a programme. Normal programme duration 3 to 8 coaching meetings.

Coaching Programme

Multiple 2hr coaching sessions



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Online Coaching Packages

The benefits of online coaching

It’s time efficient and timely

Confidential, honest and open

Tailored to individual needs

Generates measurable change

Ideal for Home workers

Online coaching can now be delivered to an individuals work life at the moment they need it, when it fits their busy schedule.

One to one means open, honest and meaningful. Real issues addressed in a powerful way to generate change.

Coaching each allows individual to work on the area of their work life that is key to them. It’s 100% relevant.

Tailored to individual’s goals the outcomes of action planning can be assessed by their line manager and in review with their coach.

Online coaching works equally well in the office or at home. Bringing support to home workers device wherever they are.

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Coaching subjects

We support managers and team members facing a wide range of issues and situations:

Working from home

Leading a remote team

Delivering high remote team performance

Interpersonal communication

Team communication

Leadership / management style

Personal motivation

Trust and openness

Assertiveness and resilience

Maximising personal performance

Delivering change

Difficult conversations

Poor performance

New team

New to management

Lack of confidence

Team briefings

Defining and evaluating standards

Leadership style and impact


Lack of self awareness

Not working well with the team

Understanding a new situation

Navigating workplace politics

Building a positive relationship with your boss

Strategic awareness

Not ready for promotion yet

One to one coaching is highly effective at generating engagement, improving performance and building confidence and resilience

Managing performance

Overcoming problems

All new coaching projects begin with a free video call to establish objectives and to ensure that there is good match between coach and coachee

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