Senior middle manager  (retail logistics)It was felt that the individual could not be promoted into a director role because he was not ‘mature’ enough. The individual was highly competent technically, very enthusiastic and motivated.

The problem related to other departments and the interaction between this individual, his department and others in the business. The individual was very defensive about his team, his staff and performance generally. He was described as having ‘sloping shoulders’. According to him there was never a problem, he would always put a positive spin on everything.

The individual was in line for promotion except for this barrier which caused other senior managers, his peers, to perceive his behaviour as indicating that he ‘having something to hide’. In effect they didn’t trust him.

Executive Coaching - Case Study
The programme was nine coaching sessions of one and a half hours duration at five weekly intervals, reviewed at session 5.

Understanding the barriers faced

Recognising and acknowledging his impact

Understanding underlying causes

Developing an alternative mindset

Developing alternatives behaviours and responses

Developing a more open and ‘adult’ approach to his role

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