Leadership subjects

Leadership awareness

Generating self awareness and insights

Discovering how I define myself

Discovering blind-spots

How did I get here? What shaped me?

How do I impact on others?

In what ways do I ‘infect’ others?

Response-ability, how do I respond to situations?

What beliefs and values do I hold important?

Do my behaviours match my words

Free will and my choice…

Judgements and judgemental

Developing a ‘sixth sense’ about people

Developing myself as role model

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Authentic Leadership

What is the current culture?

How could it be, at its best?

What’s the gap? What needs to change ?

Building a new dynamic for the business

How do I coexist with others

Who am I when I lead? Who do I want to be?

Honesty, openness and assertiveness

Being tough and supportive

A state of independence or dependency?

Psychology of workplace behaviours

Building followership

Building my unique leadership

Driving performance

Leader as coach

Performance coaching as a lever of change

Self coaching as a means to personal development

The application of sensing, calibration and intervention decisions

Understanding the principles of 24/7, instinctive coaching

The GROW model in theory and practice

Formal and informal coaching interventions

John Heron’s six categories of intervention

Developing coaching judgement

Practical Coaching observation

Practical peer coaching

Developing a coaching ‘feel’ and style

Tailored workshops

We tailor our leadership workshops to the needs of the business and team. We work with the sponsor to understand the development objectives for the cohort and then develop workshops to match those needs. Workshops may be subject led or business led (as in Strategy facilitation

Leadership subjects we have been asked to develop:

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