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Online Training for Managers

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Intro to managing

Briefing teams

Setting the team culture



Managing performance

Giving feedback

Difficult conversations

First time managers

Management vs Leadership

Creating a high performance culture

Modelling desired performance

Trust and delegation

Great team communications

Good working relationships

Feedback and standards

Holding difficult conversations

Coaching skills

Management skills

Understanding assertiveness

How assertiveness creates great teams

Assertive conversations

Managing conflict assertively

Setting and maintaining standards

Influencing and negotiating with assertiveness

Building your resilience

Practical assertive behaviours

Assertiveness in leading teams

Understanding change

The status quo and change barriers

Responses to change

Neutralising barriers and blocks

Introducing and communicating change

Keeping everyone engaged with change

Making change positive

Keeping up momentum

Delivering effective change

3 simple ways to instantly improve communication

Identifying the purpose

Understanding your audience

Using appropriate methods

Plain language and accuracy

Structuring and planning

4 advertising techniques to communicate well

Avoiding the pitfalls

Communicating effectively

Aligning standards with business objectives

Setting clear standards for performance

Enabling self evaluation in your team

Encouraging openness and plain speaking

Giving clear feedback

Addressing poor performance

Performance conversations

Practical actions

Managing Performance

Understanding workload

Defining accountability

Clear and complete communication

Checking understanding and motivation

Providing clear levels of authorisation

Communicating standards

Monitoring process and performance

Clear timely feedback

Practical delegation

What is motivation?

Theories of motivation in practice

Identifying what motivates others

Simple strategies to motivate others

Building a confident, motivated team

Maintaining an excellent team culture

Ensuring shared values

Keeping momentum up

Getting the best from others

It’s time efficient

Brings people together

Tailored to learners

Practical Training

Ideal for Home workers

Find out how more about how our online training can support your business

1, 2 or 3 hour workshops to build key management skills

Management Training Workshops Directory

What is meant by ‘feedback’

3 techniques for feedback for results

A non-judgemental approach

When, where and why of feedback giving

Feedback and motivation

Straightforward rules for feedback

Stages in feedback

Managing challenging responses to feedback

Giving Feedback

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