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Online Training for Leaders

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Defining leadership

Authenticity and confidence

Emotional intelligence

Communicating to motivate

Giving clear feedback and recognition

Developing a high standards culture

Setting a clear vision for your team

Appropriate challenge and change

Introduction to leadership

What is coaching?

Building a culture of coaching and excellence

Active listening and active questioning

Questioning to develop good judgement

Enabling an independent thinking team

Empathetic challenge in coaching

Ensuring accountability in your team

Practical coaching and micro coaching

Coaching skills for leaders

Defining success through a clear vision

Enabling team members to understand success

Defining and raising standards through engagement

Measuring and communicating performance

Ensuring your team takes responsibility for standards

Recognising success

Holding ‘difficult’ conversations

Supporting people out of poor performance

Creating a success culture

What does this buzz word mean in practice?

Creating/interrogating strategic objectives

Thinking beyond process

Identifying commercial and profit advantage

Creating a team culture to meet strategic objectives

Strategic planning explored

Working with your team to own their strategic plans

Encouraging to go beyond current performance

Strategic Thinking

How relationships work

Networking / influencing for performance advantage

Defining key relationships

Developing exceptional working relationships

Emotional intelligence in work relationships

Transactional analysis and effectiveness

Practical day to day relationship building tips

Maintaining good work relationships

Building strategic relationships

Understanding the psychology of change

Going beyond process planning

Recognising blocks and barriers to change

Understanding resistance to neutralise it

Focusing energies for greatest positive impact

Providing the range of support required

Overcoming ‘status quo’ thinking

Highly effective planned change communication

Leading change

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Leadership Coaching support

Leadership requires times of reflection and review and that’s not always easy to achieve in the dynamic fast moving environment of modern business. Our coaching support provides the opportunity to reflect and evaluate, to test ideas and to be challenged over decisions in an environment that is independent of your business and totally confidential.

Our coaching achieves results.

What our clients have said

“Paul’s contribution to the business over the past 10 years has been significant and highly valued. He draws out the strategic necessities with unerring honesty.”

“It has really got me thinking… a light bulb moment.  I am hoping I can use this to finally break through what I know has been something of a ceiling I have always (consciously and unconsciously) placed above myself.”

“The sessions allowed me to understand the root cause of my behaviours… they  totally changed my approach… the experience has been remarkable”

“I genuinely believe that your input has been the most significant influence for good on the senior team and me and I am very grateful for what you have done.”

“I always know that your honesty will be challenging but I welcome it and always duly noted. Thank you.”

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Grocery Supermarket UK Logistics Director

Oil & Gas sector Operational Director  

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Automotive Sector Senior Production Director  

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