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Assessing your assertiveness levels

What is assertiveness?

5 Techniques for becoming assertive

Managing (micro-) aggression from others

Building effective relationships

Neutralising conflict for long term gain

Demonstrating that ‘it’s not personal

Using commentary to build trust

Assertiveness at work

What is influencing?

Values based approach

Avoiding manipulation and coercion

5 approaches to effective influencing

Avoiding being manipulated

Trust and trustworthiness

Confidence and strength

Influencing where there is unequal power

Influencing others

Evaluating your personal effectiveness

6 time effectiveness techniques

Practical time effectiveness

Managing ‘time stealers’

Making decisions about your time

3 ways to prioritise effectively

How to manage non-managerial delegation

Using clear and open criteria for workload planning

Time and personal effectiveness

What is your reputation?

What reputation do you want?

What’s the gap?

Self awareness

What affects reputation?

8 behaviours for a great reputation

Reflecting and learning

Building the right behaviours

Building your reputation

What is commercial awareness?

What is it in your context?

Understanding the purpose of your role

Recognising opportunities

Techniques for practical commercial awareness

Entrepreneurial tips and techniques

Influencing others

Creating a business case

Commercial awareness

How good relationships work

Values based relationships

3 simple strategies for great relationships

Honesty and openness

How to not take things personally

Understanding motive and intention

Transactional analysis and relationships

Great work relationships

5 stage problem solving strategy

Beyond standard thinking

Avoiding ‘old solutions’ thinking

Defining the problem clearly

Identifying criteria for solutions

Developing a wide range of solutions

Debono: Lateral thinking techniques

Calculated decision making

Creative problem solving

Which vehicle (email/messaging/call etc.?)

Clear message?

Who is the target audience and why?

Tailoring the message

Plain direct language

Identifying the pitfalls

Advertising techniques for impact

Team communication

Great communication

It’s time efficient

Brings people together

Tailored to learners

Practical Training

Ideal for Home workers

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Structuring presentations

Defining the message and ‘flow’

Building confidence through rehearsing

Overcoming nerves easily

10 techniques for great presenting

Natural, confident delivery

Building relationships when presenting

3 advertising techniques to create impact

Presenting confidently

1, 2 or 3 hour workshops to build key management skills

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